PXA270 嵌入式微处理器

基于Intel XScale架构的PXA270处理器,集成了存储单元控制器、时钟和电源控制器、DMA控制器、LCD控制器、AC97控制器、I2S控制器、快速红外线通信 (FIR)控制器等外围控制器,可以实现丰富的外围接口功能。其低电源运行模式以及动态电源管理技术可以有效的降低电源的功耗。基于这些优点,使得PXA270广泛的应用于智能手机、PDA、Web记事本、远程通信、医疗器械等领域。

PXA270是Intel公司开发的基于XScale架构的处理器,内核采用ARMv5TE,外围控制器众多。内置了Intel的无线MMX技术,能够显著的提升多媒体性能,此外PXA270也包含了Intel的SpeedStep技术,能够根据需要动态调节CPU的性能,真正实现了低功耗,高性能。同其他XScale处理器一样,支持多种嵌入式操作系统,如Linux、Windows、WinCE、Nucleus、Palm OS、VxWorks、Java等。

Today's embedded applications demand a unique set of features, packaging, product life cycle and performance. Because Intel solutions deliver key technologies that help drive functionality to new heights, the Intel® PXA270 processor is designed to meet the growing demands of a new generation of leading-edge embedded products. Featuring advanced technologies that offer high performance, flexibility and robust functionality, the Intel PXA270 processor is packaged specifically for the embedded market and is ideal for the low-power framework of battery-powered devices.

PXA270 嵌入式微处理器特性
特点 概述
Intel XScale® Technology Highly scalable core up to 520 MHz
Embedded Packaging 23x23 mm with 1.0 mm ball pitch
13x13 mm with 0.5 mm ball pitch also available
Extended Temperature Range –40°C to 85°C ambient temperature range available
Product Life Cycle Anticipated five-year life cycle.1
Incredible Multimedia Familiar Intel® Wireless MMX™ technology instructions designed for high-performance multimedia, 3-D games and advanced video.
Advanced Camera Interface Intel® Quick Capture technology supports 4+ megapixel cameras for capturing digital images, video and low-power, real-time previews.
Enhanced LCD Controller Dual-panel LCD with up to 24-bit color. Hardware color space conversion with 256 KB of on-chip SRAM for faster video. Two overlays reduce LCD bandwidth. Integrated Intel Quick Capture technology enables fast video preview.
Reduced Power Consumption Wireless Intel SpeedStep® Power Manager technology with five low-power modes can change frequency and voltage dynamically. Wireless Intel SpeedStep Power Manager software enables built-in, intelligent power management.
Fast Access to Wireless Data Intel® Mobile Scalable Link provides up to 416 Mbps link between communications and applications processors.
Large Peripheral Set USB Host/Client
4-bit SD I/O
Memory Stick
USIM card interface
Keypad controller
Memory Interface 100 MHz memory bus supports a variety of 1.8 V, 2.5 V, 3.0 V and 3.3 V memory.
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