NAND Flash 存储器

Mass Storage 大容量存储器

TLC/MLC/SLC Technology from a NAND Leader
Our high-density, discrete NAND Flash memory is manufactured on competitive process technology. We offer a wide range of densities, voltages, and configurations with Pb-free packaging—plus extensive support with controller manufacturers and software support options.

High-Speed NAND 高速

The Fastest NAND Ever
Our High-Speed NAND Flash is an evolutionary NAND Flash memory that provides breakthrough performance for mass storage applications. High-speed NAND delivers the fastest read and write throughputs ever for a NAND Flash device—many times faster than competing SLC NAND devices. And compatibility with ONFI 1.0/2.0/2.1/2.2 asynchronous/synchronous interface enables both backward-compatible and forward-looking designs.

Serial NAND 串行

Serial NAND Delivers More for Less
Our Serial NAND Flash is a lower-cost, higher-density alternative to serial peripheral interface (SPI) NOR solutions. Serial NAND is available at densities starting at 1Gb and offers faster write performance than NOR at a lower cost per bit. Serial NAND will help improve performance, increase density, eliminate a controller or card slot, and shrink your BOM.

Enterprise NAND

Breakthrough Endurance for Enterprise Storage
Our Enterprise NAND is a high-endurance SLC NAND Flash solution. It’s optimized for intensive enterprise storage applications where endurance is the top priority. It far surpasses standard MLC cycle rates by delivering 30,000 WRITE/ERASE cycles. And it does it with an industry-standard package, without requiring any design or process changes for existing products.


ClearNAND Makes Designing with NAND Easier
ClearNAND devices integrate a controller and NAND die in an MCP. The internal controller offloads ECC from the host controller, freeing designers from having to adjust their controller every time the NAND changes. Standard ClearNAND Flash is a drop-in replacement for raw NAND, and Enhanced ClearNAND Flash provides increased speed and high endurance for enterprise applications, along with several key features that enable better, more efficient designs.