Fusion Memory 三星Fusion存储器

What is Fusion Memory

fusion memory is developed to meet the demands of increasingly multi-functioning and high-performance digital devices including digital TVs and mobile phones. The chip is a combination between types of memory such as DRAM and flash memory and non-memory such as logic and S/W on a single chip. In this sense, this product is the next generation semiconductor that provides high memory capacity of DRAM, high speed of SRAM, non-volatility of flash memory and some characteristics and strengths of logic semiconductor (a kind of artificial intelligence semiconductor).

SAMSUNG's Fusion Memory

OneDRAM™ :SAMSUNG announced that it successfully developed 512 MB OneDRAM at the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) opened in San Francisco, US, on December 11, 2006. SAMSUNG said, “OneDRAM can cut production costs because it reduces the number of chips used. It can cut the circuit size by 50% and power consumption by 30%,” and “Thanks to this technology, mobile IT devices will rapidly become smaller.” OneDRAM combines two different types of memory, DRAM and SRAM, on a single chip smaller than the thumbnail. Currently, mobile devices use two CPUs, one for communications and the other for multimedia functions including cameras, movies and 3D games. Following this trend, data transmission speed is becoming more important. OneDRAM is a fusion semiconductor that combines DRAM and SRAM, each used for communications and media such as movies and cameras. In other words, OneDRAM is a combination of communications CPU and media CPU on one DRAM. With the appearance of OneDRAM, effective data transfer between two CPUs has become possible allowing high speed of five times as fast as existing chip, cost reduction in system construction due to minimized number of chips, 50% reduction in circuit size and 30% cut in power consumption.