Ultra Soft Diodes

ProductProduct StatusPackagesGreenBudgetary Price €€/1kConfigurationIFI(FSM)VF
IDD03E60discontinuedPG-TO252-3RoHS -Single3.0 A7.3 A16.0 A1.5 V1.5 V
IDB15E60active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free0.66Single15.0 A29.2 A60.0 A1.5 V1.5 V
IDB30E60active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free0.87Single30.0 A52.3 A117.0 A1.5 V1.5 V
IDB45E60discontinuedPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free-Single45.0 A71.0 A162.0 A1.5 V1.5 V
IDW75E60active and preferredPG-TO247-3RoHS 1.5Single75.0 A120.0 A220.0 A1.65 V1.65 V
IDW100E60active and preferredPG-TO247-3RoHS 1.74Single100.0 A150.0 A400.0 A1.65 V1.65 V
IDD06E60active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS 0.25Single6.0 A14.7 A29.0 A1.5 V1.5 V
IDB09E60discontinuedPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free-Single9.0 A19.3 A40.0 A1.5 V1.5 V
IDD09E60active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS 0.28Single9.0 A19.3 A40.0 A1.5 V1.5 V
IDP06E60discontinuedPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.77Single6.0 A14.7 A29.0 A1.5 V1.5 V
IDP15E60active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.6Single15.0 A29.2 A60.0 A1.5 V1.5 V
IDP23E60discontinuedPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.69Single23.0 A41.0 A89.0 A1.5 V1.5 V
IDP30E60active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.86Single30.0 A52.3 A117.0 A1.5 V1.5 V
IDP45E60active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.95Single45.0 A71.0 A162.0 A1.5 V1.5 V
IDV30E60CdiscontinuedPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.84Single12.0 A21.0 A-1.65 V1.65 V
IDW50E60active and preferredPG-TO247-3RoHS 1.3Single50.0 A80.0 A240.0 A1.65 V1.65 V
IDW30E60active and preferredPG-TO247-3RoHS 0.93Single75.0 A120.0 A150.0 A1.65 V-
IDD15E60active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS -Single15.0 A29.2 A60.0 A1.5 V2.0 V
IDB30E120active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free0.95Single30.0 A50.0 A102.0 A1.65 V1.65 V
IDB12E120discontinuedPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free-Single12.0 A28.0 A63.0 A1.65 V1.65 V
IDP12E120active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.72Single12.0 A28.0 A63.0 A1.65 V1.65 V
IDP04E120discontinuedPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.55Single4.0 A11.2 A28.0 A1.65 V1.65 V
IDP09E120discontinuedPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.65Single9.0 A23.0 A50.0 A1.65 V1.65 V
IDP18E120active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.81Single18.0 A31.0 A78.0 A1.65 V1.65 V
IDP30E120active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free1.0Single30.0 A50.0 A102.0 A1.65 V1.65 V
IDB18E120active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free-Single18.0 A31.0 A78.0 A1.65 V-