HID Ballast Control ICs

ProductProduct StatusPackagesGreenDelay MatchingMoisture Sensitivity LevelOutput Current (Source)Output Current (Sink)Output Voltage
IRS2453DSPBFactive and preferred active and preferred active and preferred active and preferredSOIC 14N SOIC 14N SOIC 14N SOIC 14NRoHS Halogen-free50.0 ns2190.0 mA440.0 mA10.0 V20.0 V
IRS2573DSPBFdiscontinued discontinuedSOIC 28W SOIC 28WRoHS Halogen-free-3180.0 mA260.0 mA--
IRS2453DPBFactive and preferredPDIP14RoHS Halogen-free50.0 ns-190.0 mA440.0 mA10.0 V20.0 V