Partner in Google’s Project Tango

Since 2014, Infineon and its development partner pmdtechnologies have been jointly contributing to the Tango development with their 3D technology and products. Throughout the recent consumer trade shows like CES and Mobile World Congress the trend towards Virtual and Augmented Reality became obvious. On June 9th, 2016, Lenovo announced the launch of the world’s first Tango enabled smartphone: The Lenovo Phab2 pro. This new smartphone’s key component is the REAL3™ Image Sensor for the 3D data acquisition.

Project Tango aims  to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion. To achieve this, the 3D Time-of-Flight technology is utilized alongside motion tracking and an RGB camera to sense the 3D environment in real-time, and to provide the 3D data for highly sophisticated augmented reality applications, indoor navigation and 3D reconstruction and measurement.

The REAL3™ Image Sensor contributes hereby with all its benefits like

to bring the Tango use-cases into tablets and smartphones.