Voltage Trackers

Key FeaturesKey BenefitsApplications
Designed for Automotive @ 150°C Short to GND and BAT protected Accurate Current Limitation High Accuracy Advanced Feature SetReliable Protection for ECU/Sensor Easy and accurate voltage replication High Flexibility/Scallability Lower design effort => design cost savingEPS sensor supply Small DC motor driver Safety Power Supply Electronic Meter Systems Transmission ECU Dashboard‘s etc...
Key Features
Heat distribution over the board Reduce component failures due to overheat Secures Main Supply from short’s/overvoltage Increase system reliability
TLE4250-2 50 mA± 0.5%2.5 V--SCT595
TLE 4254 70 mA± 0.1%2 V-YesPG-DSO-8 PG-DSO-8 EP
TLE 4252 250 mA± 0.2%1.5 VYes-PG-TO-252
TLE 4253 250 mA± 0.2%2 V--PG-DSO-8 PG-DSO-8 EP
TLE 4251 400 mA± 0.2%2.5 VYes-PG-TO-252 PG-TO-263
FeedbackTracking to higher voltages than reference voltageSupply loads requiring higher voltages than reference voltage
Enable (INHIBIT)ON/OFF logicDisable regulator, -> very low current consumption ~1µA
StatusLogic output, set to low at under or over voltage at the outputIndicates an error condition at the tracker’s output
Protection FeatureThermal shut down Short circuit protection Reverse current proofProtect the IC and the application