Digital PWM ICs for CPU VRM/VRD

As microprocessors and ASICs have grown in power and complexity, their voltage regulation requirements have become increasingly demanding. This growing complexity has led to the introduction of Primarion Digital Power Management (DPM) solutions with increased accuracy, real-time monitoring and control capabilities via digital communications bus. The simplified system design that the DPM solution provides leads to lower cost and higher performance implementations.

Primarion’s Core Power ICs are designed into voltage regulator modules (VRMs) and motherboards for leading server original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and are currently shipping into major server OEM systems to power Intel, AMD & graphics processors. Primarion’s third-generation digital power system-level solutions, which are sampling now, enable improved digital control features: better accuracy and use of lower cost passive components through adaptive digital calibration, improved ability to respond to fast changes in power requirements (transients) using fewer external capacitors with proprietary Active Transient Response, and easier design-in with a graphical user interface. Primarion's overall solution requires substantially fewer components and associated costs as compared to current analog power solutions.

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