LT1080 - Advanced Low Power 5V RS232 Dual Driver/Receiver

Most H (Metal Can), J (Ceramic), and K (Metal Can) Packages from Linear Technology Are Now Obsolete

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The LT®1080/LT1081 are the only dual RS232 driver/receiver with charge pump to guarantee absolutely no latchup. These interface optimized devices provide a realistic balance between CMOS levels of power dissipation and real world requirements for ruggedness. The driver outputs are fully protected against overload and can be shorted to ±30V. Unlike CMOS, the advanced architecture of the LT1080/LT1081 does not load the signal line when “shut down” or when power is off. Both the receiver and RS232 outputs are put into a high impedance state. An advanced output stage allows driving higher capacitive loads at higher speeds with exceptional ruggedness against ESD.

For applications requiring up to five drivers and five receivers with charge pump in one package see the LT1130A Series data sheet. A version of the LT1080/LT1081, the LT1180A and LT1181A that use only 0.1µF capacitors, is also available. All of Linear Technology’s RS232 ICs are available in standard surface mount packages.

  • Superior to CMOS Improved Speed: -Operates over 120kBaud-Improved Protection: Outputs Can Be Forcedto ±30V
  • Absolutely No Latchup
  • CMOS Comparable Low Power: 60mW
  • Can Power Additional RS232 Drivers: 10mA
  • Supply Current in Shutdown: 1µA
  • Available in SO Package
  • Available with or without Shutdown
LT1080 Typical Application
LT1080 Typical Application
  • Portable Computers
  • Battery-Powered RS232 Systems
  • Power Supply Generator
  • Terminals
  • Modems
LT1080 Package Drawing
LT1080 Package Drawing
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LT1080 - Advanced Low Power 5V RS232 Dual Driver/Receiver
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