LT1976 - High Voltage 1.5A, 200kHz Step-Down Switching Regulator with 100µA Quiescent Current

The LT®1976 is a 200kHz monolithic buck switching regulator that accepts input voltages up to 60V. A high efficiency 1.5A, 0.2 Ohm switch is included on the die along with all the necessary oscillator, control and logic circuitry. Current mode topology is used for fast transient response and good loop stability.

Innovative design techniques along with a new high voltage process achieve high efficiency over a wide input range. Efficiency is maintained over a wide output current range by employing Burst Mode operation at low currents, utilizing the output to bias the internal circuitry, and by using a supply boost capacitor to fully saturate the power switch. Patented circuitry maintains peak switch current over the full duty cycle range.* Shutdown reduces input supply current to less than 1µA. External synchronization can be implemented by driving the SYNC pin with logic-level inputs. A single capacitor from the CSS pin to the output provides a controlled output voltage ramp (soft-start). The device also has a power good flag with a programmable threshold and time-out and thermal shutdown protection.

The LT1976 is available in a 16-pin TSSOP package with Exposed Pad leadframe for low thermal resistance. The LT1977, a 500kHz increased switch frequency version of the LT1976, is also available. See the Applications Information section for selection criteria between the LT1976 and LT1977.

*Protected by U.S. Patents, including 6,498,466**See Burst Mode Operation section for conditions

  • Wide Input Range: 3.3V to 60V
  • 1.5A Peak Switch Current
  • Burst Mode® Operation: 100µA Quiescent Current**
  • Low Shutdown Current: IQ < 1µA
  • Power Good Flag with Programmable Threshold
  • Load Dump Protection to 60V
  • 200kHz Switching Frequency
  • Saturating Switch Design: 0.2 Ohm On-Resistance
  • Peak Switch Current Maintained Over Full Duty Cycle Range*
  • 1.25V Feedback Reference Voltage
  • Easily Synchronizable
  • Soft-Start Capability
  • Small 16-Pin Thermally Enhanced TSSOP Package
LT1976 Typical Application
LT1976 Typical Application
LT1976 Typical Application
  • High Voltage Power Conversion
  • 14V and 42V Automotive Systems
  • Industrial Power Systems
  • Distributed Power Systems
  • Battery-Powered Systems
LT1976 Package Drawing
Order Information 订购型号
器件型号封装温度价格 (以 1 ~ 99 片为批量)价格 (以 1000 片为批量) *
DC481ALT1976IFE Demo Board | 200kHz, 4V ≤ VIN ≤ 60V, 3.3Vout @ 1A$100.00
DC977ALT1976BEFE Demo Board | 200kHz, Non-Burst Mode, 4V ≤ VIN ≤ 60V, 3.3Vout @ 1A联系凌力尔特
CAD 符号
LT1976/LT1976B - High Voltage 1.5A, 200kHz Step-Down Switching Regulator with 100uA Quiescent Current
LT1976 - 静态电流仅为 100uA 及最高结温为 140oC 的 60V、1.4A(ISW)、200kHz 降压型 DC/DC 转换器
DN1007 - 60V Step-Down DC/DC Converter Has Only 100µA Quiescent Current
R303 Reliability Data
60V, 1.5A (Isw) 200kHz Step-Down DC/DC Converter with Only 100uA of Quiescent Current and a 140˚C Maximum Junction Temperature
LT1976 Footprints and Symbols
LT1976 Demo Circuit - High Voltage, uPower 1.5A 200kHz Step-Down Regulator (12V to 3.3V @ 1A)