LTC1064-4 - Low Noise, 8th Order, Clock Sweepable Cauer Lowpass Filter

The LTC®1064-4 is an 8th order, clock sweepable Cauer lowpass switched capacitor filter. An external TTL or CMOS clock programs the value of the filter's cutoff frequency. With Pin 10 at V+, the fCLK to fCUTOFF ratio is 50:1; the filter has a Cauer response and with compensation the passband ripple is ±0.1dB. The stopband attenuation is 80dB at 2×fCUTOFF. Cutoff frequencies up to 100kHz can be achieved. With Pin 10 at V–, the fCLK to f-3dB ratio is 100:1, the filter has a transitional Butterworth-Cauer response with lower noise and lower delay nonlinearity than the Cauer response. The stopband attenuation at 2.5 x f-3dB is 92dB. Cutoff frequencies up to 50kHz can be achieved.

The LTC1064-4 features low noise and low harmonic distortion even when input voltages up to 3VRMS are applied. The LTC1064-4 overall performance competes with equivalent multiple op amp active realizations. The LTC1064-4 is pin compatible with the LTC1064-1, LTC1064-2 and LTC1064-3.

The LTC1064-4 is manufactured using Linear Technology's enhanced LTCMOS™ silicon gate process.

  • 8th Order Filter in a 14-Pin Package
  • 80dB or More Stopband Attenuation
  • at 2 x fCUTOFF
  • 50:1 fCLK to fCUTOFF Ratio (Cauer)
  • 100:1 fCLK to f-3dB Ratio (Transitional)
  • 135µVRMS Total Wideband Noise
  • 0.03% THD or Better
  • 100kHz Maximum fCUTOFF Frequency
  • Operates up to ±8V Power Supplies
  • Input Frequency Range up to 50 Times the Filter Cutoff Frequency
LTC1064-4 Typical Application
LTC1064-4 Typical Application
  • Antialiasing Filters
  • Telecom Filters
  • Sinewave Generators
LTC1064-4 Package Drawing
LTC1064-4 Package Drawing
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LTC1064-4 - Low Noise, 8th Order, Clock Sweepable Cauer Lowpass Filter
AN40 - Take the Mystery Out of the Switched Capacitor Filter
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