LTC1555L-1.8 - SIM Power Supply and Level Translator

Internal level translators allow controllers operating with supplies as low as 1.425V to interface with 1.8V, 3V and 5V SIMs. A soft-start feature limits inrush current at turn-on, mitigating start-up problems that may result when the input is supplied by another low-power DC/DC converter. Battery life is maximized by 32µA operating current, and 1µA shutdown current. Board area is minimized by the miniature 16-pin narrow SSOP packages and the need for only three small external capacitors.

  • Buck/Boost Charge Pump Generates 1.8V, 3V or 5V
  • Input Voltage Range: 2.6V to 6V
  • Controller VCC Range: 1.425V to 4.4V
  • >10kV ESD on All SIM Contact Pins
  • Short-Circuit and Overtemperature Protected
  • Meets all ETSI and IMT-2000 SIM Interface Requirements
  • 1.8V to 5V Signal Level Translators
  • Very Low Operating Current: 32µA
  • Very Low Shutdown Current: <1µA
  • Soft-Start Limits Inrush Current at Turn-On
  • 1MHz Switching Frequency
  • Available in 16-Pin Narrow SSOP Package
LTC1555L-1.8 Typical Application
  • SIM Interface in GSM Cellular Telephones
  • WCDMA SIM Interface
  • Smart Card Readers
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LTC1555L-1.8 - SIM Power Supply and Level Translator
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