LTC1986 - 3V/5V SIM Power Supply in ThinSOT

The LTC®1986 is a micropower charge pump DC/DC converter that provides power for either 3V or 5V GSM SIM cards. It operates in one of three modes: VOUT = 5V (5V mode), VOUT = VIN (3V mode) or shutdown. The input voltage range is 2.6V to 4.4V and the part can provide 10mA of output current. The LTC1986 allows VIN to drop as low as 2.6V by providing a boost feature in 3V mode. In 3V mode, VOUT is connected directly to VIN through a 2.5W switch until VIN drops below 2.85V. When VIN is below 2.85V, the part automatically boosts VOUT to maintain a regulated 2.9V output, thereby ensuring VOUT stays within the 3V SIM VCC specification.

Extremely low operating current (14µA typical with no load) and low external parts count make the part ideally suited for small, light load battery-powered applications. The total PCB area of the application circuit shown below is less than 0.045in². Protection features include inrush current limiting, undervoltage lockout, short circuit and thermal overload protection. The LTC1986 is available in a low profile (1mm) SOT-23 package.

  • VIN Range: 2.6V to 4.4V
  • Ultralow PowerOperating Current: 14µAShutdown Current: <1µA
  • No Inductors
  • Short-Circuit/Thermal Protected
  • Ultrasmall Application Circuit (<0.045in² )
  • Low Profile (1mm) ThinSOT™
  • Step-Up Charge Pump Generates 5V
  • Output Current: 10mA
  • VIN to VOUT Direct Connection for 3V SIMs
  • Switching Frequency: 900kHz
  • Soft-Start Limits Inrush Current at Turn-On
  • Output Driven to Ground During Shutdown
LTC1986 Typical Application
LTC1986 Typical Application
  • GSM Cellular Telephones
  • PCS/DCS Cellular Telephones
  • Portable POS Terminals
LTC1986 Package Drawing
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LTC1986 - 3V/5V SIM Power Supply in ThinSOT
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