The Microchip mTouch™ AR1000 Series Resistive Touch Screen Controller is a complete, easy to integrate, cost-effective and universal touch screen controller chip solution. The AR1000 Series has sophisticated proprietary touch screen decoding algorithms to fully process all touch data and save the host from this overhead. More than the usual “preprocessing” features of other low cost devices, the AR1000 delivers reliable, validated and calibrated touch coordinates. Using its onboard EEPROM, the AR1000 can store and independently apply the calibration to the touch coordinates before sending them to the host. This unique combination makes the AR1000 the most resource efficient touch screen controller for embedded designs.

The AR1011 touch screen controller supports UART communication. Please reference the AR1021 touch screen controller for I2C™Compatible and SPI communication.

  • Supports any manufacturer's 4-, 5-, or 8-wire analog resistive touch screen
  • UART communication
  • 1024x1024 resolution
  • EEPROM calibration retention
  • Supports any size analog resistive touch screen, 1.5" - 24"
Parameter Name Value Value
Product Type Analog Resistive Controller Analog Resistive Controller
Measurement Principle Resistance Resistance
Report Rate (pps) 140 140
Number of Touches 1 1
Power 3.3Vdc ±5%,5.5Vdc ±5% 3.3Vdc ±5%,5.5Vdc ±5%
Power Modes 2 2
Position Resolution 1024x1024 1024x1024
Features 4, 5, & 8 wire support 4, 5, & 8 wire support
Voltage Range 2.5V - 5.5V 2.5V - 5.5V
AR1000 Series Resistive Touch Screen Controller Data SheetData Sheets07/08/20162147KB
AR1000 AR1100 Configuration UtilitySoftware07/26/20127289KB
AR1010 AR1011 AR1100 UART Open Source Linux DriverSoftware06/22/2012459KB
AR1010 UART WinCE 6.0 DriverSoftware08/02/2010236KB
AR Configuration Utility (ARCU) User's GuideUser Guides07/27/2012632KB
AR1010/AR1011 Embedded Linux User DocumentUser Guides04/11/2012587KB
Part NumberLeadsPackage TypeTemp RangePacking1+26+100+1000+5000+
AR1011-I/ML20QFN-40C to +85CTUBE1.921.761.591.471.39
AR1011-I/SO20SOIC-40C to +85CTUBE1.821.671.511.391.32
AR1011-I/SS20SSOP-40C to +85CTUBE1.671.531.381.271.21
AR1011T-I/ML20QFN-40C to +85CT/R2.021.851.681.541.47
AR1011T-I/SO20SOIC-40C to +85CT/R1.921.761.591.471.39
AR1011T-I/SS20SSOP-40C to +85CT/R1.771.621.471.351.28
AR1011Analog Resistive Controller$1.21UART
AR1021Analog Resistive Controller$1.21I2C, SPI
AR1100Analog Resistive Controller$1.53RS232, USB
AR1011T-I/SO0.5420000.31187520SOIC.300inMatte Tine3
AR1011-I/SO0.5420000.97368420SOIC.300inMatte Tine3
AR1011T-I/ML0.0431000.21212120QFN4x4x0.9mmMatte Tine3
AR1011-I/ML0.0431000.07692320QFN4x4x0.9mmMatte Tine3
AR1011T-I/SS0.1642000.41625020SSOP.209inMatte Tine3
AR1011-I/SS0.1642000.34328420SSOP.209inMatte Tine3
AR1000 Series Resistive Touch Screen Controller Data Sheet AR1021
AR1000 Series Resistive Touch Screen Controller Data Sheet DV102011
AR1000 AR1100 Configuration Utility DV102012
AR1010 UART WinCE 6.0 Driver AR1011
AR Configuration Utility (ARCU) User's Guide DV102012
AR1100 Embedded Linux User Document DV102012