The MTD6502B is a 3-phase full-wave driver for brushless sensorless DC motors. They feature 180° sinusoidal drive, high torque output, and silent drive. Due to their adaptive features and wide power-supply range capabilities (2 to 5.5V) they are intended to cover a wide range of motor characteristics, while requiring no external tuning from the user. Speed control can be achieved through either power supply modulation or pulse-width-modulation (using the PWM digital input pin). Due to the compact packaging and minimum bill-of-material (power transistors incorporated, no Hall sensor, no external tuning), they are best suited for low-cost fan applications requiring high efficiency and low acoustic noise, such as CPU cooling fans. Frequency generator output is also included, enabling for precision speed control in closed-loop applications. The MTD6502B drivers include a lockup protection mode, which turns-off the output current when the motor is under lock condition, and an automatic recovery that enables the fan to run when the lock condition is removed. Motor over-current limitation, short-circuit protection, and thermal-shutdown protection are also included.

  • Position sensorless BLDC drivers (no Hall sensor required)
  • 180° sinusoidal drive, for high efficiency and low acoustic noise
  • Support 2V to 5.5V power supplies
  • Speed control through PAM and/or PWM
  • Built-in directional control (DIR) pin
  • Built-in frequency generator
  • Built-in lockup protection and automatic recovery circuit (external capacitor not necessary)
  • Built-in over current limitation and short circuit protection
  • Built-in thermal shutdown protection
  • No external tuning required
Parameter Name Value Value
Operating Voltage Range (V) 2 to 5.5 2 to 5.5
Temp Range (°C) -40 to +125 -40 to +125
Max. Continuous Current per output 0.75 0.75
Motor Control Methods PWM,PAM PWM,PAM
Packages 10/TDFN 10/TDFN
MTD6502B 5V 3-Phase BLDC Sinusoidal Sensorless Fan Motor Driver Data SheetData Sheets05/19/2011437KB
Part NumberLeadsPackage TypeTemp RangePacking1+26+100+1000+5000+
MTD6502B-LC1-0010TDFN-30C to +95CT/R0.710.600.540.520.52
MTD6502B-LC1-0210TDFN-30C to +95CT/R0.710.600.540.520.52
MTD6502B-LC1-020.0210000.22878810TDFN3x3x0.8mmMatte Tine3
MTD6502B-LC1-010.0210000.22878810TDFN3x3x0.8mmMatte Tine3
MTD6502B-LC1-000.0210000.22878810TDFN3x3x0.8mmMatte Tine3
MTD6502B 5V 3-Phase BLDC Sinusoidal Sensorless Fan Motor Driver Data Sheet MTD6502B