The MTD6505 device is a 3-phase full-wave sensorless driver for brushless DC (BLDC) motors. It features 180° sinusoidal drive, high torque output and silent drive. With the adaptive features, parameters and wide range of power-supplies (2V to 5.5V), the MTD6505 is intended to cover a broad range of motor characteristics, while requiring minimum external components. Speed control can be achieved through either power supply modulation (PSM) or pulse-width modulation (PWM). The compact packaging and the minimal bill-of-material make the MTD6505 device extremely cost efficient in fan applications. For example, the CPU cooling fans in notebook computers require designs that provide low acoustic noise, low mechanical vibration, and are highly efficient. The frequency generator (FG) output enables precision speed control in closed-loop applications. The MTD6505 device includes Lockup Protection mode to turn off the output current when the motor is in a lock condition, with an automatic recovery feature to restart the fan when the lock condition is removed. Motor overcurrent limitation and thermal shutdown protection are included for safety enhanced operations.

  • 180° Sinusoidal Drive, for high efficiency and lowacoustic noise
  • Position Sensorless BLDC Drivers (No Hall-effect sensor required)
  • Integrated Power Transistors
  • Supports 2V to 5.5V Power Supplies
  • Programming Resistor (RPROG) setting to fit motor constant (Km) range from 3.25 mV/Hz to 52 mV/Hz
  • Direction Control: - Forward direction: connect DIR pin to GND or leave floating - Reverse direction: connect DIR pin to VBIAS
  • Speed Control through Power Supply Modulation (PSM) and/or Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM)
  • Built-in Frequency Generator (FG Output Signal)
  • Built-in Lockup Protection and AutomaticRecovery Circuit
  • Built-in Overcurrent Limitation
  • Built-in Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • No External Tuning Required
Parameter Name Value Value
Operating Voltage Range (V) 2 to 5.5 2 to 5.5
Temp Range (°C) -40 to +125 -40 to +125
Max. Continuous Current per output 0.75 0.75
Motor Control Methods PWM,PAM PWM,PAM
Packages 10/UDFN 10/UDFN
MTD6505 Sinusoidal Sensorless 3-Phase Brushless DC Fan Motor DriverData Sheets12/23/20141723KB
MTD6505 3-Phase BLDC Sensorless Fan Controller Demonstration Board User's GuideUser Guides12/13/20111077KB
Part NumberLeadsPackage TypeTemp RangePacking1+26+100+1000+5000+
MTD6505T-E/NA10UDFN-40C to +125CT/R0.790.660.600.580.57
MTD6505T-E/NA0.0118000.22787910UDFN3x3x0.5mmMatte Tine3
MTD6505T-SSE/NA0.0118000.22787910UDFN3x3x0.5mmMatte Tine3
MTD6505T-NSE/NA0.0118000.22787910UDFN3x3x0.5mmMatte Tine3
MTD6505T-LLE/NA0.0118000.22787910UDFN3x3x0.5mmMatte Tine3
MTD6505T-LCE/NA0.0118000.22787910UDFN3x3x0.5mmMatte Tine3
MTD6505T-LL2E/NA0.0118000.22787910UDFN3x3x0.5mmMatte Tine3
MTD6505 Sinusoidal Sensorless 3-Phase Brushless DC Fan Motor Driver MTD6505
MTD6505 3-Phase BLDC Sensorless Fan Controller Demonstration Board User's Guide ADM00345