AX-SFEU: Ultra-low Power AT Command Controlled Sigfox™ Ready RF Transceiver SoC for Up-Link and Down-Link

The AX-SFEU is a single chip solution for a node on the Sigfox network. In the Internet of Things the domain of nation wide coverage and ultra low power consumption for smallest amounts of data can not be addressed by established standards such as GPRS or LTE. This void is now filled by Sigfox, the ultra low power cellular connectivity solution. Add Sigfox functionality for up-link and down-link to any existing system at the cost of 20x13 mm2 PCB area. It can also be used as a single chip solution that control small sensor nodes. The AX-SFEU device is fully programmed for immediate operation as a Sigfox node.

  • Lowest Power Radio
  • 950 nA sleep current
  • Capability of running other sub-1G protocols such as wireless M-Bus on the same hardware
  • 45 mA TX current at 14 dBm output power
  • 10 mA RX current
  • Ultra-low power consumption for a nationwide bi-directional network node
  • Up-Link and Down-Link
  • "Sigfox Ready" Class 0 certified
  • Cellular Communications
设计和开发工具 (1)
Document TitleDocument ID/SizeRevisionRevision Date
DVK-SFEU-1-GEVK Combination AX-Sigfox RefDesignDVK-SFEU-1-GEVK_Comb_AX_Sigfox_RefDesign_v1_2 (415kB)0Jul, 2016
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Ultra-Low Power, AT Command / API Controlled, Sigfox Compliant Transceiver IC for Up-Link and Down-LinkAX-SFEU/D (194kB)5Jan, 2017
应用注释 (2)
Document TitleDocument ID/SizeRevisionRevision Date
AX-SIGFOX: SIGFOX Compliant Reference DesignAND9321/D (87kB)3Mar, 2016
DVK-SF-1 Development Kit Quick Start GuideAND9327/D (180kB)2Nov, 2015
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QFN40 7x5, 0.5P485EG (32.0kB)A
AX-SF-LIB-1-GEVKActivePb-freeAX-Sigfox Library
DVK-SFEU-1-GEVKActivePb-freeSigfox Development Kit
产品状况Compliance封装MSL*容器预算价格 (1千个数量的单价)
AX-SFEU-1-01-TB05ActivePb-free Halide freeQFN-40485EG1Tape and Reel500$1.63
AX-SFEU-1-01-TX30ActivePb-free Halide freeQFN-40485EG1Tape and Reel3000$1.63
ProductData Transmission StandardFrequency Band (MHz)Carrier Frequency (MHz)
AX-SFEU-1-01-TB05RF868.3869.53 868.13
AX-SFEU-1-01-TX30RF868.3869.53 868.13
Ultra-Low Power, AT Command / API Controlled, Sigfox Compliant Transceiver IC for Up-Link and Down-Link (194kB) AX-SFEU-API
DVK-SFEU-1-GEVK Combination AX-Sigfox RefDesign AX-SFEU-API
AX-SIGFOX: SIGFOX Compliant Reference Design AX-SFEU-API
AND9327/D - 180 KB DVK-SFEU-1-GEVK
QFN40 7x5, 0.5P AX8052F151