X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB:STM32 cryptographic firmware library software expansion for STM32Cube (UM1924)

The STM32 cryptographic library package (X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB) includes all the major security algorithms for encryption, hashing, message authentication, and digital signing, enabling developers to satisfy application requirements for any combination of data integrity, confidentiality, identification/authentication, and nonrepudiation.

The library includes firmware as well as hardware-acceleration functions for STM32 families. For more details refer to STM32 crypto library User manual (UM1924) at the www.st.com website.This firmware is classified ECCN 5D002.

Most of the well-used algorithms are certified according to the US Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP), helping customers to prove quickly and cost-effectively the security of their new products.The certified algorithms are: AES (3971), RSA (2036), ECDSA (874), SHS (3275), DRBG (1165) and HMAC (2589). Full details are available online at the NIST CSRC Algorithm Validation Lists website http://csrc.nist.gov, selecting the Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program web page.

In this package there are examples for each algorithm and template projects for popular development tools including Keil®MDK-ARM, IAR®EWARM (IAR Embedded Workbench®) and GCC -based IDEs such as Ac6 SW4STM32 and Atollic®TrueSTUDIO®.

Key Features

  • Supported NIST CAVP certified crypto algorithms:
  • AES-128, AES-192, AES-256 bits:
    • ECB (Electronic Codebook Mode)
    • CBC (Cipher-Block Chaining) with support for cipher text stealing
    • CTR (Counter Mode)
    • CFB (Cipher Feedback)
    • OFB (Output Feedback)
    • CCM (Counter with CBC-MAC)
    • GCM (Galois Counter Mode)
    • CMAC
    • KEY WRAP
    • XTS (XEX-based tweaked-codebook mode with cipher text stealing
  • HASH functions with HMAC support:
    • SHA-1
    • SHA-224
    • SHA-256
    • SHA-384
    • SHA-512
  • Random engine based on DRBG-AES-128
  • RSA with PKCS#1v1.5:
    • Encryption/decryption
    • Signature
  • ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography)
    • Key generation
    • Scalar multiplication (the base for ECDH)
    • ECDSA
  • Supported, but not certified, crypto algorithms included in the library:
  • ARC4
  • DES, TripleDES:
    • ECB (Electronic Codebook Mode)
    • CBC (Cipher-Block Chaining)
  • HASH:
    • MD5
    • HKDF-SHA-512
  • ChaCha20
  • Poly1305
  • CHaCHA20-POLY1305
  • ED25519
  • Curve25519
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STM32 crypto library software expansion for STM32Cube X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB
STM32 crypto library X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB
STM32 crypto library X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB
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