TLC2254A-Q1:汽车类高级 LinCMOS 轨到轨超低功耗运算放大器

The TLC2252 and TLC2254 are dual and quadruple operational amplifiers from Texas Instruments. Both devices exhibit rail-to-rail output performance for increased dynamic range in single- or split-supply applications. The TLC225x family consumes only 35 µA of supply current per channel. This micropower operation makes them good choices for battery-powered applications. The noise performance has been dramatically improved over previous generations of CMOS amplifiers. Looking at Figure 1, the TLC225x has a noise level of 19 nV/Hz at 1kHz; four times lower than competitive micropower solutions.

The TLC225x amplifiers, exhibiting high input impedance and low noise, are excellent for small-signal conditioning for high-impedance sources, such as piezoelectric transducers. Because of the micropower dissipation levels, these devices work well in hand-held monitoring and remote-sensing applications. In addition, the rail-to-rail output feature with single or split supplies makes this family a great choice when interfacing with analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). For precision applications, the TLC225xA family is available and has a maximum input offset voltage of 850 µV. This family is fully characterized at 5 V and ±5 V.

The TLC2252/4 also makes great upgrades to the TLC27L2/L4 or TS27L2/L4 in standard designs. They offer increased output dynamic range, lower noise voltage, and lower input offset voltage. This enhanced feature set allows them to be used in a wider range of applications. For applications that require higher output drive and wider input voltage ranges, see the TLV2432 and TLV2442 devices. If the design requires single amplifiers, please see the TLV2211/21/31 family. These devices are single rail-to-rail operational amplifiers in the SOT-23 package. Their small size and low power consumption, make them ideal for high density, battery-powered equipment.

  • Qualified for Automotive Applications
  • ESD Protection Exceeds 2000 V Per MIL-STD-883, Method 3015; Exceeds 150 V (TLC2252/52A) and 100 V (TLC2254/54A) Using Machine Model (C = 200 pF, R = 0)
  • Output Swing Includes Both Supply Rails
  • Low Noise . . . 19 nV/Hz Typ at f = 1 kHz
  • Low Input Bias Current . . . 1 pA Typ
  • Fully Specified for Both Single-Supply and Split-Supply Operation
  • Very Low Power . . . 35 µA Per Channel Typ
  • Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Includes Negative Rail
  • Low Input Offset VoltagE
    850 µV Max at TA = 25°C (TLC225xA)
  • Macromodel Included
  • Performance Upgrades for the TS27L2/L4 and TLC27L2/L4
Number of Channels (#)4222244
Total Supply Voltage (Min) (+5V=5, +/-5V=10)
Total Supply Voltage (Max) (+5V=5, +/-5V=10)16161616161616
GBW (Typ) (MHz)
Slew Rate (Typ) (V/us)
Rail-to-RailIn to V- OutIn to V- OutIn to V- OutIn to V- OutIn to V- OutIn to V- OutIn to V- Out
Vos (Offset Voltage @ 25C) (Max) (mV)0.851.50.850.850.850.850.85
Offset Drift (Typ) (uV/C)
Iq per channel (Typ) (mA)0.0350.0350.0350.0350.0350.0350.035
Vn at 1kHz (Typ) (nV/rtHz)19191919191919
CMRR (Typ) (dB)83838383838383
RatingAutomotiveAutomotiveCatalogHiRel Enhanced ProductMilitaryCatalogHiRel Enhanced Product
Operating Temperature Range (C)-40 to 125-40 to 125-40 to 125-40 to 125-55 to 125-40 to 125-40 to 125
Approx. Price (US$)0.95 | 1ku0.75 | 1ku0.70 | 1ku0.89 | 1ku
Package Size: mm2:W x L (PKG)14TSSOP: 32 mm2: 6.4 x 5(TSSOP)8TSSOP: 19 mm2: 6.4 x 3(TSSOP)See datasheet (PDIP)8SOIC: 29 mm2: 6 x 4.9(SOIC)See datasheet (CFP),See datasheet (CDIP)See datasheet (PDIP)14SOIC: 52 mm2: 6 x 8.65(SOIC)
Input Bias Current (Max) (pA)60606060
Output Current (Typ) (mA)8888888
Additional FeaturesHigh Cload DriveN/AHigh Cload DriveHigh Cload Drive
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TLC2254AQPWRQ1生产ACTIVE-40 to 1250.95 | 1kuTSSOP (PW)2254AQ2000 | LARGE T&R
Advanced LinCMOS Rail-to-Rail Very Low Power Operational Amplifiers TLC2254A-Q1
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TLC2254, TLC2254A PSpice Model TLC2254A