Heater Module Series - PTC/NTC/Resistance

DataSheet:Heater Module Datasheet

Fuel heater module is a system that can integrate in a single component multiple functions such as Fuel Heating, Water in Fuel Detection, Pressure and Temperature sensing achieving high efficiency in cost and space.


  • Self regulated PTC heating elements
  • Wide power range available
  • Integrated NTC temperature sensing
  • Integrated electronic thermostat
  • Integrated diagnostic network
  • Can be integrated with an active or passive Water in Fuel sensor
  • Can be integrated with a differential or absolute pressure sensor
  • Can be integrated with purge valve
  • Can be integrated with priming pump
  • High reliability
  • Over voltage and reverse polarity protected
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +130°C.
  • Various output signals (Analog, Serial Output)
  • Can work in pressure or vacuum
Ordering Information
Supply Voltage (V)Switch On (°C)Switch Off (°C)Heater TypeOperating Temperature (°C)
Heater Module12 or 24 Battery05PTC-40 to +130
Heater Module Datasheet heater-modules