ADV7680 APIX2 Transmitter with HDMI and HDCP Support

The ADV7680 is a high quality, single input HDMI® and single input ITU-R BT.656 receiver with an APIX®2 transmitter, compati-ble with APIX2 receiver technology from Inova Semiconductors. It incorporates a single port HDMI receiver that supports all mandatory and many optional 3D TV formats defined in the HDMI standard. The ITU-R BT.656 8-bit receiver supports resolutions up to 720p when using a 148.5 MHz input clock. A standard ITU-R BT.656 input clock of 27 MHz is also supported. When using the ITU-R BT.656 interface, only embedded timing is supported. There is no provision for using separate horizontal sync (Hsync) or vertical sync (Vsync) inputs