650V Rapid 1 and Rapid 2 Diode

ProductProduct StatusPackagesGreenBudgetary Price €€/1kConfigurationIFI(FSM)VF
IDP08E65D1active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.47Single8.0 A16.0 A64.0 A1.35 V1.35 V
IDV15E65D2active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.69Single15.0 A15.0 A100.0 A1.6 V1.6 V
IDP15E65D1active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.55Single15.0 A30.0 A120.0 A1.35 V1.35 V
IDW15E65D2active and preferredPG-TO247-3RoHS 0.86Single15.0 A30.0 A100.0 A1.6 V1.6 V
IDW30E65D1active and preferredPG-TO247-3RoHS 0.95Single30.0 A60.0 A240.0 A1.35 V1.35 V
IDW40E65D1active and preferredPG-TO247-3RoHS 1.23Single40.0 A80.0 A320.0 A1.35 V1.35 V
IDP08E65D2active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.49Single8.0 A16.0 A60.0 A1.6 V1.6 V
IDV08E65D2active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.61Single8.0 A8.0 A60.0 A1.6 V1.6 V
IDP15E65D2active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.56Single15.0 A30.0 A100.0 A1.6 V1.6 V
IDP40E65D2active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.85Single40.0 A80.0 A250.0 A1.6 V1.6 V
IDW40E65D2active and preferredPG-TO247-3RoHS 1.24Single40.0 A80.0 A320.0 A1.6 V1.6 V
IDW75D65D1active and preferredPG-TO247-3RoHS Halogen-free1.52Dual Anode75.0 A150.0 A580.0 A1.35 V1.7 V
IDW30C65D1active and preferredPG-TO247-3RoHS Halogen-free1.09Common Cathode15.0 A30.0 A120.0 A1.35 V1.7 V
IDW60C65D1active and preferredPG-TO247-3RoHS Halogen-free1.39Common Cathode30.0 A60.0 A240.0 A1.35 V1.7 V
IDW20C65D2active and preferredPG-TO247-3RoHS Halogen-free1.0Common Cathode10.0 A20.0 A60.0 A1.6 V2.2 V
IDW30C65D2active and preferredPG-TO247-3RoHS Halogen-free1.09Common Cathode15.0 A30.0 A100.0 A1.6 V2.2 V
IDV30E65D2active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.72Single17.5 A30.0 A180.0 A1.6 V2.2 V
IDP20E65D2active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.66Single20.0 A40.0 A120.0 A1.6 V2.2 V
IDP20C65D2active and preferredPG-TO220-3RoHS Halogen-free0.73Common Cathode10.0 A20.0 A60.0 A1.6 V2.2 V
IDW80C65D2active and preferredPG-TO247-3RoHS Halogen-free1.86Common Cathode40.0 A80.0 A250.0 A1.6 V2.2 V
IDW80C65D1active and preferredPG-TO247-3RoHS Halogen-free1.88Common Cathode40.0 A80.0 A320.0 A1.35 V1.7 V
IDP30E65D2active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.73Single30.0 A60.0 A180.0 A1.6 V2.2 V
IDP30C65D2active and preferredPG-TO220-3RoHS Halogen-free0.8Common Cathode15.0 A30.0 A100.0 A1.6 V2.2 V
IDP30E65D1active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.69Single30.0 A60.0 A180.0 A1.35 V1.7 V
IDV20E65D1active and preferredPG-TO220-2RoHS Halogen-free0.67Single15.0 A28.0 A120.0 A1.35 V1.7 V