Constant Current Control IC for Transmission

ProductProduct StatusPackagesGreenChannelsOutput CurrentRDS (on) (multiple)Quiescent CurrentOperating Voltage
TLE82453-3SAactive and preferredPG-DSO-36RoHS Halogen-free3.01.6 A250 (max)0,008 mA5.5 V40.0 V
TLE82452-3SAactive and preferredPG-DSO-36RoHS Halogen-free2.01.6 A250 (max)0,008 mA5.5 V40.0 V
TLE6288Ractive and preferredPG-DSO-36RoHS Halogen-free6.02.0 A150 mOhm0,05 mA6.0 V16.0 V
TLE8242-2Lactive and preferredPG-LQFP-64RoHS Halogen-free8.0--0,005 mA5.5 V42.0 V
TLE7241Eactive and preferredPG-DSO-20RoHS Halogen-free2.01.2 A2 x 0.45 Ohm240 mOhm1,0 mA9.0 V18.0 V
TLE7242-2Gactive and preferredPG-DSO-28RoHS Halogen-free4.0--0,005 mA5.5 V42.0 V