Automotive EiceDRIVER™

The Infineon® EiceDRIVER™ family includes single and dual channel automotive IGBT Driver IC’s providing galvanic isolation and bidirectional signal transmission with high ambient temperature capability. They enable extremely short propagation delays keeping the designer’s flexibilities at the highest level, while the circuit is easy to use and the features comfortable to handle. The products operate stable in harsh EMC environments and drive up to 100A/1200V IGBTs with its integrated 2A output stage. VCEsat-detection and Active Miller Clamp features complete the picture of this IGBT Driver IC family. The products are based on a RoHS conform and robust package solution specially developed to meet automotive requirements. This results in 260°C peak reflow temperatures while still passing full AEC Q101 qualification. The well suited feature set for automotive applications reduce the number of used components and thus the used board space significantly compared to other semi-integrated solutions.

 TopologyVoltage ClassOutput Current (Sink)QualificationInput Active StateTurn On Propagation DelayT j
1EDI2001AS Single1200.0 V1.0 AAutomotivehigh/low255.0 ns150.0 °C
1EDI2002AS Single1200.0 V1.0 AAutomotivehigh/low255.0 ns150.0 °C
1EBN1001AE Single1200.0 V15.0 AAutomotive-10.0 ns150.0 °C
2ED020I12FA Dual1200.0 V2.0 AAutomotivehigh/low195.0 ns150.0 °C
1ED020I12FTA Single1200.0 V2.0 AAutomotive-200.0 ns150.0 °C
1ED020I12FA2 Single1200.0 V2.0 AAutomotivehigh/low195.0 ns150.0 °C
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EN eicedriver-tm-automotive-qualified
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