High Linearity Si- and SiGe:C-Transistors for use up to 6 GHz

ProductProduct StatusPackagesGreenVCEOICNFGmaxOIP3
For low frequencies, e.g. VHF/UHF
BF799discontinuedPG-SOT23-3RoHS 20.0 V35.0 mA3.0 dB--
BF799WdiscontinuedPG-SOT323-3RoHS Halogen-free20.0 V35.0 mA3.0 dB--
BFQ19Sactive and preferredPG-SOT89-4RoHS Halogen-free-----
BFR93Aactive and preferredPG-SOT23-3RoHS 12.0 V90.0 mA1.5 dB14.5 dB30.0 dBm
BFR93AWactive and preferredPG-SOT323-3RoHS Halogen-free12.0 V90.0 mA1.5 dB15.5 dB30.0 dBm
BFR106active and preferredPG-SOT23-3RoHS 15.0 V210.0 mA1.8 dB13.0 dB32.0 dBm
BFP193active and preferredPG-SOT143-4RoHS 12.0 V80.0 mA1.0 dB18.0 dB29.5 dBm
BFP193Wactive and preferredPG-SOT343-4RoHS Halogen-free12.0 V80.0 mA1.0 dB20.5 dB29.5 dBm
BFR193active and preferredPG-SOT23-3RoHS 12.0 V80.0 mA1.0 dB15.0 dB30.0 dBm
BFR193Factive and preferredPG-TSFP-3RoHS Halogen-free12.0 V80.0 mA1.0 dB19.0 dB29.0 dBm
BFR193Wactive and preferredPG-SOT323-3RoHS Halogen-free12.0 V80.0 mA1.3 dB16.0 dB30.0 dBm
BFR193L3active and preferredPG-TSLP-3RoHS Halogen-free12.0 V80.0 mA1.0 dB19.0 dB29.0 dBm
BFP196active and preferredPG-SOT143-4RoHS 12.0 V150.0 mA1.3 dB16.5 dB32.0 dBm
BFP196Wactive and preferredPG-SOT343-4RoHS Halogen-free12.0 V150.0 mA1.3 dB19.0 dB32.0 dBm
Si transistors with high gain up to 2.5 GHz
BFR380Factive and preferredPG-TSFP-3RoHS Halogen-free6.0 V80.0 mA1.1 dB13.5 dB29.0 dBm
BFR380L3active and preferredPG-TSLP-3RoHS Halogen-free6.0 V80.0 mA1.1 dB13.5 dB29.5 dBm
BFP450active and preferredPG-SOT343-4RoHS Halogen-free4.5 V100.0 mA1.25 dB15.5 dB29.0 dBm
SiGe:C transistors with high gain up to 6 GHz
BFP650active and preferredPG-SOT343-4RoHS Halogen-free4.0 V150.0 mA0.8 dB21.5 dB29.5 dBm
BFP650Factive and preferredPG-TSFP-4RoHS Halogen-free4.0 V150.0 mA0.8 dB21.5 dB31.0 dBm
BFP760active and preferredPG-SOT343-4RoHS Halogen-free4.0 V70.0 mA0.5 dB25.0 dB31.5 dBm