Industrial High Side Switch

ProductProduct StatusPackagesGreenChannelsRecommended Operating VoltageIL (Short Circuit Current)Diagnostics
Sorted by Ron @ Tj = 25°C
ITS640S2discontinuedPG-TO220-7RoHS 1.05.0 V34.0 V50.0 ASense
ITS436L2S1.05.5 V40.0 V51.0 ADigital
ITS428L2active and preferredPG-TO252-5RoHS Halogen-free1.04.75 V41.0 V22.0 ADigital
ISP772Tactive and preferredPG-DSO-8RoHS 1.05.0 V34.0 V17.0 An.a.
ITS4060S-SJ-Nactive and preferredPG-DSO-8RoHS Halogen-free1.05.0 V34.0 V17.0 An.a.
ITS4100S-SJ-Nactive and preferredPG-DSO-8RoHS Halogen-free1.05.0 V34.0 V10.0 An.a.
ITS724Gactive and preferredPG-DSO-20RoHS 4.05.5 V40.0 V15.0 ADigital
ITS5215Lactive and preferredPG-DSO-12RoHS 2.05.5 V40.0 V15.0 ADigital
ITS621L1discontinuedPG-TO220-7RoHS 2.05.0 V34.0 V14.0 ADigital
ISP762Tactive and preferredPG-DSO-8RoHS 1.05.0 V34.0 V10.0 An.a.
ITS716Gactive and preferredPG-DSO-20RoHS 4.05.5 V40.0 V9.0 ADigital
ITS612N12.05.0 V34.0 V7.5 ADigital
ITS711L1active and preferredPG-DSO-20RoHS 4.05.0 V34.0 V4.0 ADigital
ISP452active and preferredPG-SOT223-4RoHS 1.05.0 V34.0 V1.5 An.a.
ITS4142Nactive and preferredPG-SOT223-4RoHS 1.012.0 V45.0 V3.0 An.a.
ITS4880Ractive and preferredPG-DSO-36RoHS 8.011.0 V45.0 V3.0 ADigital
ISP752Ractive and preferredPG-DSO-8RoHS 1.06.0 V52.0 V6.5 ADigital
ISP752Tactive and preferredPG-DSO-8RoHS 1.06.0 V52.0 V6.5 An.a.
ITS4141Dactive and preferredPG-TO252-5RoHS 1.012.0 V45.0 V2.1 An.a.
ITS4141Nactive and preferredPG-SOT223-4RoHS 1.012.0 V45.0 V2.1 An.a.
ITS4200S-SJ-Dactive and preferredPG-DSO-8RoHS Halogen-free1.06.0 V52.0 V6.0 ADigital
ITS4200S-ME-Nactive and preferredPG-SOT223-4RoHS 1.05.0 V34.0 V1.5 An.a.
ITS4200S-ME-Oactive and preferredPG-SOT223-4RoHS 1.011.0 V45.0 V1.1 An.a.
ITS4200S-ME-Pactive and preferredPG-SOT223-4RoHS 1.011.0 V45.0 V2.2 An.a.
ITS42008-SB-Dactive and preferredPG-DSO-36RoHS Halogen-free8.011.0 V45.0 V1.1 ADigital
ITS410E21.04.7 V42.0 V12.0 ADigital
ITS4300S-SJ-Dactive and preferredPG-DSO-8RoHS Halogen-free1.05.0 V34.0 V1.0 ADigital
ISP742RIactive and preferredPG-DSO-8RoHS 1.05.0 V34.0 V1.0 ADigital
ITS4140Nactive and preferredPG-SOT223-4RoHS 1.04.9 V60.0 V0.9 An.a.
ITS41K0S-ME-Nactive and preferredPG-SOT223-4RoHS 1.04.9 V60.0 V0.7 An.a.
ITS42K5D-LD-Factive and preferredPG-TSON-10RoHS Halogen-free2.04.5 V42.0 V-Digital