Low-Noise Si Transistors up to 2.5 GHz

ProductProduct StatusPackagesGreenVCEOICNFGmaxOIP3
For low frequencies e.g. VHF/UHF
BFP181active and preferredPG-SOT143-4RoHS 12.0 V20.0 mA0.9 dB21.0 dB16.5 dBm
BFR181active and preferredPG-SOT23-3RoHS 12.0 V20.0 mA0.9 dB18.5 dB18.0 dBm
BFR181Wactive and preferredPG-SOT323-3RoHS Halogen-free12.0 V20.0 mA0.9 dB19.0 dB18.0 dBm
BFP182Ractive and preferredPG-SOT143-4RoHS 12.0 V35.0 mA0.9 dB22.0 dB24.0 dBm
BFP182Wactive and preferredPG-SOT343-4RoHS Halogen-free12.0 V35.0 mA0.9 dB22.0 dB24.0 dBm
BFR182active and preferredPG-SOT23-3RoHS 12.0 V35.0 mA0.9 dB18.0 dB24.5 dBm
BFR182Wactive and preferredPG-SOT323-3RoHS Halogen-free12.0 V35.0 mA0.9 dB19.0 dB25.0 dBm
BFP 183 E776412.0 V65.0 mA---
BFP183Wactive and preferredPG-SOT343-4RoHS Halogen-free12.0 V65.0 mA0.9 dB22.0 dB26.5 dBm
BFR183active and preferredPG-SOT23-3RoHS 12.0 V65.0 mA0.9 dB17.5 dB27.0 dBm
BFR35APactive and preferredPG-SOT23-3RoHS 15.0 V45.0 mA1.4 dB16.0 dB24.0 dBm
BFR92Pactive and preferredPG-SOT23-3RoHS 15.0 V45.0 mA1.4 dB16.0 dB24.0 dBm
BFS17Pactive and preferredPG-SOT23-3RoHS 15.0 V25.0 mA3.5 dB-21.5 dBm
BFS17Sactive and preferredPG-SOT363-6RoHS Halogen-free15.0 V25.0 mA3.0 dB12.7 dB22.5 dBm
BFS17Wactive and preferredPG-SOT323-3RoHS Halogen-free15.0 V25.0 mA3.5 dB12.7 dB22.5 dBm
BFS481active and preferredPG-SOT363-6RoHS Halogen-free12.0 V20.0 mA0.9 dB20.0 dB18.0 dBm
BFS483active and preferredPG-SOT363-6RoHS Halogen-free12.0 V65.0 mA0.9 dB19.0 dB26.5 dBm
High gain up to 2.5 GHz, flatlead TSFP package respectively TSLP package for modules
BFR340Factive and preferredPG-TSFP-3RoHS Halogen-free6.0 V10.0 mA1.15 dB16.5 dB13.0 dBm
BFR340L3active and preferredPG-TSLP-3RoHS Halogen-free6.0 V10.0 mA1.15 dB17.5 dB12.5 dBm
BFR360Factive and preferredPG-TSFP-3RoHS Halogen-free6.0 V35.0 mA1.0 dB15.5 dB24.0 dBm
BFR360L3active and preferredPG-TSLP-3RoHS Halogen-free6.0 V35.0 mA1.0 dB16.0 dB24.0 dBm