power stage 5x6

Dual FET power stage in a single leadless SMD package integrates the low side and high side MOSFET of a synchronous DC-DC converter into a 5.0x6.0mm² package outline. Designers are able to shrink their designs up to 85% by replacing two separate discrete packages such as SO8 or SuperSO8 with this new package. Both, the small outline and the interconnection of the two MOSFETs within the package minimize the loop inductance which boosts efficiency. With the new OptiMOS™ technology power stage 5x6 achieves a peak efficiency of 93.5%. power stage 5x6 can handle an application current up to 30A.

 Schottky Body Diode 1)BV DSS (V)R DS(on) @ V gs =4.5 maxQ g tot @ V gs = 4.5 typ
High SideLow SideHigh SideLow Side
BSC0910NDI Y255.9mOhm1.6mOhm7.7nC25.0nC
BSC0911ND N254.8mOhm1.7mOhm7.7nC25.0nC
BSC0921NDI Y307.0mOhm2.1mOhm5.8nC21.0nC
BSC0923NDI Y307.0mOhm3.7mOhm5.2nC12.2nC
BSC0924NDI Y307.0mOhm5.2mOhm5.2nC8.6nC
BSC0925ND N306.4mOhm6.4mOhm5.2nC6.7nC
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LEDs from 10ma to 700mA driven by BCR4XX (AN101) BC817SU
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