RF Mosfet

Single Non Biased
Single Semi Biased
Dual Semi Biased

The Infineon MOSFETs include several sub-categories, depending on whether the biasing resistor network at the RF input port is fully integrated (full-biased), partly integrated (semi-biased) or not at all integrated (non-biased). Mainstream TV tuners are either a semi-biased or an intelligent-switching concept, while FM radio tuners mainly use single non-biased or single full-biased MOSFETs.

- Best-in-class noise figure and gain - Excellent cross-modulation - ESD robustness protected via an on-chip gate protection diode - 5th generation MOSFETs such as BF5030W and BG5120K fulfill the stringent technical requirement from the

digital tuners and also support low-power 3V designs - Automotive quality (AEC Q101 qualified) - RoHS compliant

Simulation Models
Infineon-RF-and-TVS-ALL-Keysight-ADS-Design-Kit-SM-v02_00-ENEN8.5 MB26 Oct 201502_00
EN rf-mosfet