RF Pin Diode

Band Switching and RF Attenuation
Antenna Switch
low losslow distortionlow forward resistance, diode capacitance and series inductance

Infineon Pin Diodes come with and levels and are suitable for a wide range of mobile communications and RF applications. This series of diodes can operate up to 6 GHz with high-voltage handling capabilities and together with outstanding RF performance, they simplify design-in because of their extreme . Supplied in a range of highly compact package options , they allow significant board space savings to be made and support designers to create smaller, lighter end-solutions.

Application Notes
AN058: Predicting Distortion in PIN-Diode Switches419 KB20 Oct 200602_01
Additional Technical Information
Recommendations for Board Assembly (TSNP, TSLP and TSSLP)2.3 MB06 May 2008
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Infineon-RF Discretes Selection Guide 2016_BC-v01_00-ENEN2.8 MB14 Jun 201601_00
Infineon-RF Discretes Selection Guide 2016-BC-v01_00-CNCN3.2 MB15 Jun 201601_00
Recommendations for Board Assembly (TSNP, TSLP and TSSLP) BAR90-02ELS
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AN058: Predicting Distortion in PIN-Diode Switches BAR90-02ELS