RF Varactor Diode & Tuner

VCO and Low Voltage Tuner
FM Tuner
SAT Tuner
UHF and VHF Tuner
RF Varactor Diodes at a Glance: Application examples:

Infineon has more than 30 years development expertise for the RF small signal discretes; we offer a complete portfolio of RF-Front-End-Products including diodes, transistors and MOSFETs, ESD protection diodes. - Best-in-class RF performance and deep RF expertise - Proven high volume production guarantees highest part-to-part uniformity - Long-term commitment for product offerings - Advanced package miniaturization technology supporting highly integrated modules - Automotive quality (AEC Q101 qualified) - RoHS compliant - Voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) for mobile phones, cordless phones - Local Oscillator for LNB - Pre-filters in Satellite, UHF, VHF and FM tuner pre-stages

Product Brochure
Application Guide for Mobile Communication 2015EN3.1 MB28 Oct 201501_01
Application Notes
AN047 - Matching Methods for Variable Capacitance Diodes684 KB08 Dec 2009
AN047 - Matching Methods for Variable Capacitance Diodes BB640