Schottky Diode

High Speed Switching, Clipping and Clamping
Medium Power IF max ≥ 500mA
RF Mixer + Detector Schottky Diode

Infineon has more than 30 years development expertise for the RF small signal discretes; we offer a complete portfolio of RF-Front-End-Products including diodes, transistors and MOSFETs, ESD protection diodes. RF Schottky Diodes at a Glance:  - Best-in-class RF performance and deep RF expertise - Proven high volume production guarantees highest part-to-part uniformity - Long-term commitment for product offerings - Advanced package miniaturization technology supporting highly integrated module - Automotive quality (AEC Q101 qualified) - RoHS compliant Application examples of RF Schottky diodes: - LNB mixers (e.g. BAT15-04W) - WLAN detector (e.g. BAT62-02LS) - Low barrier detector (e.g. BAT63-02V) - 24GHz radar and other very high frequency mixer modules (e.g. BAT24-02LS, BAT15-02LRH)

Evaluation Boards
EVAL_600W_12V_LLC_C7This Evaluation Board - shows how to design the Halfbridge LLC stage of a Server SMPS with the goal to meet 80+ Titanium Standard efficiency requirements. On this purpose there have been used state of art of CoolMOS™ technology ( IPP60R180C7) on the primary side and OptiMOS™ in SuperSO8 (BSC010N04LS) in the Synchronous Rectification secondary stage, together with the QR CoolSET™ ICE2QR2280Z , Hi-Low Side Driver  2EDL05N06PF, Low Side Gate Driver 2EDN7524F, LLC Controller ICE2HS01G.IPP60R180C7, BSC010N04LS, 2EDL05N06PF, ICE2HS01G, ICE2QR2280Z, 2EDN7524Factive and preferred