ThinPAK 5x6

The new CoolMOS™ ThinPAK 5x6 is a leadless SMD package especially designed for High Voltage MOSFETs. This new package has a very small footprint of 5x6mm² and a very low profile with only 1mm height.

This significantly smaller package size in combination with its benchmark low parasitics inductances can be used as a new and effective way to decrease system solution size in power- density driven designs. The ThinPAK 5x6 package is characterized by a very low source inductance 1.6nH, as well as a similar thermal performance as DPAK.

The package hence enables faster and thus more efficient switching of Power MOSFETs and is easier to handle in terms of switching behavior and EMI.

 Maximum RatingsR DS(on) 
Part NumberV DSS [V]I D [A]TypMaxQ g (typ)[nC]
IPL60R360P6S 60030.00.320.3622.0
IPL60R650P6S 60016.50.590.6512.0
IPL60R1K5C6S 6007.71.351.59.4
IPL60R2K1C6S 6005.41.892.16.7
IPL65R650C6S 65016.60.590.6523.0
IPL65R1K0C6S 65012.
IPL65R1K5C6S 6508.41.351.511.0
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