UHF & L Band (400 MHz to 1400 MHz)

ProductProduct StatusPackagesGreenFlange TypeMatchingFrequency BandP1dBSupply Voltage
PTVA030121EA - 12 W
PTVA030121EA V1active and preferredH-36265-2RoHS Halogen-freeBolt DownUnmatched390.0 MHz450.0 MHz12.0 W50.0 V
PTVA035002EV - 500 W
PTVA035002EV V1active and preferredH-36275-4RoHS Halogen-freeBolt DownUnmatched390.0 MHz450.0 MHz500.0 W50.0 V
PTVA093002TC - 300 W
PTVA093002TC V1 R250EarlessInput703.0 MHz960.0 MHz300.0 W50.0 V
PTVA101K02EV - 1000 W
PTVA101K02EV V1active and preferredH-36275-4RoHS Halogen-freeBolt DownInput1030.0 MHz1090.0 MHz950.0 W50.0 V
PTVA102001EA - 200W
PTVA102001EA V1 R0active and preferredH-36265-2RoHS Halogen-freeBolt DownInput960.0 MHz1400.0 MHz200.0 W50.0 V
PTVA104501EH - 450 W
PTVA104501EH V1active and preferredH-33288-2RoHS Halogen-freeBolt DownI/O960.0 MHz1215.0 MHz450.0 W50.0 V
PTVA120251EA - 30W
PTVA120251EA V2active and preferredH-36265-2RoHS Halogen-freeBolt DownNone500.0 MHz1400.0 MHz30.0 W50.0 V
PTVA120501EA - 50 W
PTVA120501EA V1active and preferredH-36265-2RoHS Halogen-freeBolt DownInput1200.0 MHz1400.0 MHz54.0 W50.0 V
PTVA123501EC/FC - 350 W
PTVA123501EC V2active and preferredH-36248-2RoHS Halogen-freeBolt DownI/O1200.0 MHz1400.0 MHz350.0 W50.0 V
PTVA123501FC V1active and preferredH-37248-2RoHS Halogen-freeEarlessI/O1200.0 MHz1400.0 MHz350.0 W50.0 V
PTVA127002EV - 700 W
PTVA127002EV V1 R0active and preferredH-36275-4RoHS Halogen-freeBolt DownI/O1200.0 MHz1400.0 MHz700.0 W50.0 V