XC27x4X Series

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      ProductProduct StatusPackagesGreenBudgetary Price €€/1kClock FrequencySRAM (incl. Cache)CAN NodesA/D Input Lines (incl. FADC)
      SAK-XC2764X-40F80L AAnot for new designPG-LQFP-100RoHS Halogen-free4.3280.0 MHz34.0 kByte216
      SAK-XC2734X-40F80L AAnot for new designPG-LQFP-64RoHS Halogen-free4.2680.0 MHz34.0 kByte29
      SAK-XC2734X-40F80LR ABactive and preferredPG-LQFP-64RoHS Halogen-free3.9780.0 MHz34.0 kByte29
      SAK-XC2764X-40F80LR ABactive and preferredPG-LQFP-100RoHS Halogen-free4.1380.0 MHz34.0 kByte216