LT3092 - 200mA 2-Terminal Programmable Current Source

The LT3092 is a programmable 2-terminal current source. It requires only two resistors to set an output current between 0.5mA and 200mA. A multitude of analog techniques lend themselves to actively programming the output current. The LT3092 is stable without input and output capacitors, offering high DC and AC impedance. This feature allows operation in intrinsically safe applications.

The SET pin features 1% initial accuracy and low temperature coefficient. Current regulation is better than 10ppm/V from 1.5V to 40V.

The LT3092 can operate in a 2-terminal current source configuration in series with signal lines. It is ideal for driving sensors, remote supplies, and as a precision current limiter for local supplies.

Internal protection circuitry includes reverse-battery and reverse-current protection, current limiting and thermal limiting. The LT3092 is offered in the 8-lead TSOT-23, 3-lead SOT-223 and 8-lead 3mm × 3mm DFN packages.

  • Programmable 2-Terminal Current Source
  • Maximum Output Current: 200mA
  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 1.2V to 40V
  • Input/Output Capacitors Not Required
  • Resistor Ratio Sets Output Current
  • Initial Set Pin Current Accuracy: 1%
  • Reverse-Voltage Protection
  • Reverse-Current Protection
  • <0.001%/V Line Regulation Typical
  • Current Limit and Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • Available in 8-Lead SOT-23, 3-Lead SOT-223 and 8-Lead 3mm × 3mm DFN Packages
Typical Application
LT3092 Typical Application
LT3092 Typical Application
  • 2-Terminal Floating Current Source
  • GND Referred Current Source
  • Variable Current Source
  • In-Line Limiter
  • Intrinsic Safety Circuits
LT3092 Package Drawing
LT3092 Package Drawing
LT3092 Package Drawing
Order Information
Part NumberPackageTempPrice(1-99)Price (1k)*
LT3092EDD#PBF3x3 DFN-8E$2.36$1.65
LT3092EDD#TRPBF3x3 DFN-8E$1.71
LT3092IDD#PBF3x3 DFN-8I$2.62$1.83
LT3092IDD#TRPBF3x3 DFN-8I$1.89
Demo Boards
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
DC1531ALT3092EDD Demo Board | 200mA 2-Terminal Programmable Current Source$75.00
DC2132A24V 3A Constant Voltage, Constant Current Bench Supply Featuring LT3081, LT8612, LT3092$200.00
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