LTC1043 - Dual Precision Instrumentation Switched-Capacitor Building Block

The LTC™1043 is a monolithic, charge-balanced, dual switched capacitor instrumentation building block. A pair of switches alternately connects an external capacitor to an input voltage and then connects the charged capacitor across an output port. The internal switches have a break-before-make action. An internal clock is provided and its frequency can be adjusted with an external capacitor.The LTC1043 can also be driven with an external CMOS clock.

The LTC1043, when used with low clock frequencies, provides ultra precision DC functions without requiring precise external components. Such functions are differential voltage to single-ended conversion, voltage inversion, voltage multiplication and division by 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. The LTC1043 can also be used for precise VµF and FµV circuits without trimming, and it is also a building block for switched capacitor filters, oscillators and modulators.

The LTC1043 is manufactured using Linear Technology’s enhanced LTCMOS® silicon gate process.

  • Instrumentation Front End with 120dB CMRR
  • Precise, Charge-Balanced Switching
  • Operates from 3V to 18V
  • Internal or External Clock
  • Operates up to 5MHz Clock Rate
  • Low Power
  • Two Independent Sections with One Clock
Typical Application
LTC1043 Typical Application
LTC1043 Typical Application
  • Precision Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • Ultra Precision Voltage Inverters, Multipliers and Dividers
  • V-F and F-V Converters
  • Sample and Hold
  • Switched-Capacitor Filters
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