LTC1062 - 5th Order Lowpass Filter

The LTC®1062 is a 5th order all pole maximally flat lowpass filter with no DC error. Its unusual architecture puts the filter outside the DC path so DC offset and low frequency noise problems are eliminated. This makes the LTC1062 very useful for lowpass filters where DC accuracy is important.

The filter input and output are simultaneously taken across an external resistor. The LTC1062 is coupled to the signal through an external capacitor. This RC reacts with the internal switched capacitor network to form a 5th order rolloff at the output.

The filter cutoff frequency is set by an internal clock that can be externally driven. The clock-to-cutoff frequency ratio is typically 100:1, allowing the clock ripple to be easily removed.

Two LTC1062 scan be cascaded to form a 10th order quasi max flat lowpass filter. The device can be operated with single or dual supplies ranging from ±2.5V to ±9V.

The LTC1062 is manufactured using Linear Technology?s enhanced LTCMOS? silicon gate process.

  • Lowpass Filter with No DC Error
  • Low Passband Noise
  • Operates DC to 20kHz
  • Operates on a Single 5V Supply or Up to ±8V
  • 5th Order Filter
  • Maximally Flat Response
  • Internal or External Clock
  • Cascadable for Faster Rolloff
  • Buffer Available
Typical Application
LTC1062 Typical Application
LTC1062 Typical Application
  • 60Hz Lowpass Filters
  • Anti-Aliasing Filter
  • Low Level Filtering
  • Rolling Off AC Signals from High DC Voltages
  • Digital Voltmeters
  • Scales
  • Strain Gauges
LTC1062 Package Drawing
LTC1062 Package Drawing
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