LTC1757A - Single/Dual Band RF Power Controllers

The LTC1757A-1 is a single output RF power controller that is identical in performance to the LTC1757A-2 except that one output (VPCA) is provided. The LTC1757A-1 can be used to drive a single RF channel or dual channel module with integral multiplexer. This part is available in an 8-pin MSOP package.

RF power is controlled by driving the RF amplifier power control pins and sensing the resultant RF output power via a directional coupler. The RF sense voltage is peak detected using an on-chip Schottky diode. This detected voltage is compared to the DAC voltage at the PCTL pin to control the output power. The RF power amplifier is protected against high supply voltage and current and high power control pin voltages.

Internal and external offsets are cancelled over temperature by an autozero control loop, allowing accurate low power programming. The shutdown feature disables the part and reduces the supply current to <1µA.

  • Dual Band RF Power Amplifier Control (LTC1757A-2)
  • Improved Internal Schottky Diode Detector
  • Wide Input Frequency Range: 850MHz to 2GHz
  • Autozero Cancels Initial Offsets and Temperature Dependent Offset Errors
  • Wide VIN Range of 2.7V to 6V Allows Direct Connection to Battery
  • RF Output Power Set by External DAC
  • Fast Acquire After Transmit Enable
  • Internal Frequency Compensation
  • Rail-to-Rail Power Control Outputs
  • RF PA Supply Current Limiting
  • Battery Overvoltage Protection
  • Power Control Signal Overvoltage Protection
  • Low Operating Current: 1mA
  • Very Low Shutdown Current: <1µA
  • Available in a 8-Pin MSOP Package (LTC1757A-1) and 10-Pin MSOP (LTC1757A-2)
Typical Application
LTC1757A Typical Application
  • Single and Dual Band GSM Cellular Telephones
  • PCS Devices
  • Wireless Data Modems
  • TDMA Cellular Telephones
LTC1757A Package Drawing
LTC1757A Package Drawing
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