LTC2874 - Quad IO-Link Master Hot Swap Controller and PHY

The LTC®2874 provides a rugged, 4-port IO-Link power and communications interface to remote devices connected by cables up to 20m in length.

Output supply voltage and inrush current are ramped up in a controlled manner using external N-channel MOSFETs, providing improved robustness compared to fully integrated solutions.

Wake-up pulse generation, line noise suppression, connection sensing and automatic restart after fault conditions are supported, along with signaling at 4.8kb/s, 38.4kb/s, and 230.4kb/s.

Configuration and fault reporting are exchanged using a SPI-compatible 4-wire interface that operates at clock rates up to 20MHz.

The LTC2874 implements an IO-Link master PHY. For IO-Link device designs, see the LT®3669.

  • IO-Link® Compatible (COM1/COM2/COM3)
  • 8V to 34V Operation
  • Hot Swap™ Controller Protected Supply Outputs
  • Discrete Power MOSFETs for Ruggedness and Flexibility
  • Configurable 100mA (4-Port), 200mA (2-Port), or 400mA (1-Port) CQ Drive Capability
  • Automatic Wake-Up Pulse Generation
  • Automatic Cable Sensing
  • CQ Pins Protected to ±50V
  • Configurable L+ Current Limit with Foldback
  • Short Circuit, Input UV/OV and Thermal Protection
  • Optional Interrupt and Auto-Retry after Faults
  • 2.9V to 5.5V Logic Supply for Flexible Digital Interface
  • No Damage or Latchup to ±8kV HBM ESD
  • 38-Lead (5mm × 7mm) QFN and TSSOP Packages
Typical Application
LTC2874 Typical Application
LTC2874 Typical Application
  • IO-Link Masters
  • Intelligent Sensors and Actuators
  • Factory Automation Networks
LTC2874 Package Drawing
LTC2874 Package Drawing
Order Information
Part NumberPackageTempPrice(1-99)Price (1k)*
LTC2874IUHF#PBF5x7 QFN-38I$11.34$7.94
LTC2874IUHF#TRPBF5x7 QFN-38I$11.40$8.00
Demo Boards
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
DC1880ALTC2874 Demo Board | Quad IO-Link Master Hot Swap Power Controller and PHY (req. DC2026)$125.00
DC2228A8-Port IO-Link Master Reference Design. Includes LTC2874, LT4275A, IO-Link v1.1 Protocol Stack and Control Tool. Optionally powered by DC1814A-D PoE supply.$599.00
Companion Boards
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
DC2026CLinduino One Isolated USB Demo Board: An Arduino- and QuikEval-Compatible Code Development Platform$75.00
DC590BIsolated USB Serial Controller for Linear Technology QuikEval-Compatible Demo Boards$50.00
DC1814A-DLTC4274A-4 Demo Board | LTPoE++ (90W) PSE$100.00
DC2227ALT3669-2 Demo Board | I/O Link with 18V to 36V Input to 4V at 300mA and 3.3V at 150mA$299.00
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