DS9120, DS9120P, DS9120Q:Socket Boards for Evaluating 1-Wire Devices

The DS9120 family of socket boards are RJ11-to-socket boards that provide the hardware connectivity necessary to evaluate and operate 1-Wire® products in an easy-to-use PC environment. Additionally, the socket boards can be readily used with the DS9481R USB-to1-Wire adapter to create a 1-Wire PC programmer for 1-Wire EEPROM and one-time programmable (OTP)/EPROM devices.

Key Features
  • Fully Compliant with DS9481R USB-to-1-Wire Adapter
  • Convenient On-Board Test Points
  • Jumper Disconnect/Connect Functionality
  • Meets RJ11 1-Wire Interface Standard
  • Include Connections for Various OTP EPROM Programming
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DS9120-DS9120Q.pdf DS9120Q
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