MAX77818:Dual Input, Power Path, 3A Switching Mode Charger with Fuel Gauge

Industry's Highest Efficiency Switching Mode Charger in a Smaller Solution Size in 3.87mm x 3.61mm WLP

The MAX77818 is a high-performance companion PMIC for the latest smartphones and tablet computers. The PMIC includes a dual input, smart power path 3.0A switch mode charger with reverse boost capability and adapter input protection up to 16VDC withstand, proprietary ModelGauge ™ (mg5) fuel gauge technology. The switch mode battery charger’s operating frequency is 4MHz and includes integrated, low-loss switches to provide the industry’s smallest L/C size, lowest heat, and fastest battery charging programmable up to 3.0A. The charger has two inputs that accept adapter/USB (CHIN) and/or wireless type inputs (WCIN). The wireless input can simultaneously charge the battery while powering USB-OTG type accessories. The USB-OTG output provides true-load disconnect and is protected by an adjustable output current limit. The battery charger includes smart power path and I²C adjustable settings to accommodate a wide range of battery sizes and system loads. When external power is applied from either input, battery charging is enabled. With a valid input power source (adapter or wireless charger), the BYP pin voltage is equal to the input voltage minus resistive voltage drop. During battery-only reverse boost operation, the BYP output can be regulated with the reverse boost feature and provides up to 5V at 1.5A and requires no additional inductor, allowing the MAX77818 to power USB OTG accessories. The switching charger is designed with a special CC, CV, and die temperature regulation algorithm. ModelGauge (mg5) provides accurate battery fuel gauging without calibration and operates with extremely low battery current. The safeout LDO drive system USB interface devices. The MAX77818 features a I²C revision 3.0-compatible serial interface that comprises a bidirectional serial data line (SDA) and a serial clock line (SCL).

  • Dual Input Switchmode Battery Charger
    • Adapter/USB Input
      • Up to 13.4V Adapter Charging
      • Up to 4.0A Rated, Input Current Protection (Programmable)
    • Wireless Charging Input
      • Up to 5.9V Wireless Charging
      • Up to 1.26A, Input Current Protection (Programmable)
      • Support USB-OTG Accessories
    • Battery Charge Current, Up to 3.0A
      • No Sense Resistor
      • CC, CV, and Die Temperature Control
      • Integrated Battery True-Disconnect FET
      • RDS(ON) = 12.8mΩ
      • Rated Up to 4.5ARMS, Discharge Current Limit (Programmable)
    • Reverse Boost Capability
      • Supports USB-OTG Accessories
      • Up to 5.1V/1.5A
      • Adjustable OCP
  • ModelGauge (mg5) Battery Fuel Gauge
    • ±1% SOC Accuracy, No Calibration Cycles, Very Low IQ
    • Time-to-Empty and Time-to-Full Prediction
  • Two Safeout LDOs
  • I²C Serial Interface
  • 72-Bump. 3.867mm x 3.608mm WLP with 0.4mm Pitch
MAX77818: Typical Application Circuit
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Part NumberProtected VIN
Charging VIN
Charge Rate Set byMax. ICHG
Charge TerminationCharge RegulationOper. Temp.
maxSee Notes
Min. Charge Current
Switchmode-40 to +85
$1.95 @1k
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MAX77818.pdf MAX77818
MAX77818.pdf MAX77818
MAX77818.pdf MAX77818
MAX77818.pdf MAX77818
MAX77818.pdf MAX77818