MAX8893EVKIT:Evaluation Kit for the MAX8893A, MAX8893B, and MAX8893C

The MAX8893 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested PCB that demonstrates the highly integrated MAX8893C power-management IC. The MAX8893 EV kit operates from a 2.7V to 5.5V input supply range and is controlled by an I²C interface. The MAX8893C integrates a high-efficiency step-down DC-DC converter, five low-dropout (LDO) linear regulators with programmable output voltages, individual power on/off control inputs, a load switch, and a USB high-speed switch. The I²C interface controls all the regulator output voltages, load switch timing, individual enable/disable control, and other parameters. The MAX8893 EV kit also includes Windows® 2000-, Windows XP®-, and Windows Vista®-compatible software that provides a simple graphical user interface (GUI) for exercising the features of the MAX8893C. To evaluate the MAX8893C, order the CMAXQUSB+ command module along with the MAX8893 EV kit. The MAX8893C evaluation software can be downloaded from The MAX8893 EV kit can also be used to evaluate the MAX8893A and MAX8893B. To evaluate the MAX8893A or MAX8893B, order a free sample along with this EV kit.

Key Features
  • High-Efficiency Step-Down Converter
    • Guaranteed 500mA Output Current
    • Up to 4MHz Switching Frequency
    • 0.8V to 2.4V Programmable Output Voltage
    • Dynamic Voltage Scaling with Programmable Ramp Rate
  • Three Low-Noise LDOs with Programmable Output Voltages
  • Two Low-Supply Current LDOs with Programmable Output Voltages
  • Low On-Resistance Load Switch
  • USB High-Speed Switch with ±15kV ESD
  • Individual Enable Control for all Regulators and Switches
  • I²C Serial Interface
  • Overcurrent and Thermal Protection for all LDOs
  • Tiny External Components
  • 3mm x 2.5mm x 0.64mm 30-Bump WLP Package
  • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Cellular Handsets
  • Smartphones and PDAs
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