1N4007: Standard Rectifier, 1000 V, 1.0 A

This standard rectifier is designed for general purpose, low power applications.

  • Case: Epoxy, Molded
  • Weight: 0.4 gram (approximately)
  • Finish: All External Surfaces Corrosion Resistant and Terminal Leads are Readily Solderable
  • Lead and Mounting Surface Temperature for Soldering Purposes: 260 C Max. for 10 Seconds, 1/16 from case
  • Shipped in plastic bags, 1000 per bag.
  • Available Tape and Reeled, 5000 per reel, by adding a "RL" suffix to the part number
  • Available in Fan-Fold Packaging, 3000 per box, by adding a "FF" suffix to the part number
  • Polarity: Cathode Indicated by Polarity Band
  • Marking: 1N4001, 1N4002, 1N4003, 1N4004, 1N4005, 1N4006, 1N4007
  • Pb-Free Packages are Available
Application Notes (2)
Document TitleDocument ID/SizeRevisionRevision Date
Electronic Lamp Ballast DesignAN1543/D (687.0kB)1
Very Wide Input Voltage Range, Off-line Flyback Switching Power SupplyAN1327/D (326.0kB)2
Package Drawings (1)
Document TitleDocument ID/SizeRevision
Axial Lead 5.20x2.70mm, 25.4x0.71mm Pkg, Lead len/dia59-10 (59.3kB)U
Simulation Models (4)
Document TitleDocument ID/SizeRevisionRevision Date
PSpice Model1N4007.LIB (0.0kB)0
SPICE2 Model1N4007.SP2 (0.0kB)0
SPICE3 Model1N4007.SP3 (0.0kB)0
Saber Model1N4007.SIN (0.0kB)0
Data Sheets (1)
Document TitleDocument ID/SizeRevisionRevision Date
Standard Recovery Rectifier1N4001/D (96.0kB)13
Evaluation Board Documents (5)
Document TitleDocument ID/SizeRevisionRevision Date
65 W Notebook Off-line Adaptor with NCP12510 EVB User ManualEVBUM2485/D (550kB)0Aug, 2016
NCP12510B65GEVB Bill Of Materials (ROHS Compliant)NCP12510B65GEVB_BOM_ROHS.pdf (56kB)0
NCP12510B65GEVB Gerber Layout Files (Zip Format)NCP12510B65GEVB_GERBER.zip (64kB)0
NCP12510B65GEVB SchematicNCP12510B65GEVB_SCHEMATIC.pdf (106kB)0
NCP12510B65GEVB Test ProcedureNCP12510B65GEVB_TEST_PROCEDURE.pdf (127kB)0
Evaluation/Development Tool Information
ProductStatusComplianceShort Description
NCP12510B65GEVBIntro PendingPb-free65 W notebook adapter Evaluation Board
Order Information
ProductStatusCompliancePackageMSL*ContainerBudgetary Price/Unit
1N4007Last ShipmentsPb-freeAxial Lead-259-10Bulk Box1000
1N4007FFLast ShipmentsPb-freeAxial Lead-259-10NABulk Box3000
1N4007FFGActivePb-free Halide freeAxial Lead-259-10NABulk Box3000$0.0267
1N4007GActivePb-free Halide freeAxial Lead-259-10NABulk Bag1000$0.0267
1N4007RLLast ShipmentsPb-freeAxial Lead-259-10NATape and Reel5000
1N4007RLGActivePb-free Halide freeAxial Lead-259-10NATape and Reel5000$0.0267
ProductTypeIO(rec) Max (A)trr Max (ns)VRRM Max (V)VFM Max (V)IFSM Max (A)IR Max (mA)
1N4007FFGStandard Recovery110001.1300.01
1N4007GStandard Recovery110001.1300.01
1N4007RLGStandard Recovery110001.1300.01