LM317:1.2 V to 37 V adjustable voltage regulators

The LM217, LM317 are monolithic integrated circuits in TO-220, TO-220FP and D²PAK packages intended for use as positive adjustable voltage regulators. They are designed to supply more than 1.5 A of load current with an output voltage adjustable over a 1.2 to 37 V range. The nominal output voltage is selected by means of a resistive divider, making the device exceptionally easy to use and eliminating the stocking of many fixed regulators.

Key Features

  • Output voltage range: 1.2 to 37 V
  • Output current in excess of 1.5 A
  • 0.1 % line and load regulation
  • Floating operation for high voltages
  • Complete series of protections: current limiting, thermal shutdown and SOA control
Product Specifications
DS0433: 1.2 V to 37 V adjustable voltage regulators19.0802 KB
Sample & Buy
Part NumberPackagePacking TypeOperating Temperature (°C) (min)Operating Temperature (°C) (max)Unit Price (US$) *QuantityECCN (EU)ECCN (US)Country of Origin
LM317D2T-TRD2PAK C-LEAD CUTTape And Reel01250.321000NECEAR99CHINA
Quality & Reliability
Part NumberPackageGradeRoHS Compliance GradeMaterial Declaration**
LM317D2T-TRD2PAK C-LEAD CUTIndustrialEcopack2md_dj-wspc-d2pak-wspc-central-wspc-lead-wspc-cut_hzdj-wspc-l317aa6_sdm_signed.pdf
1.2 V to 37 V adjustable voltage regulators LM217
md_dj-wspc-d2pak-wspc-central-wspc-lead-wspc-cut_hzdj-wspc-l317aa6_sdm_signed.pdf LM217
md_dj-wspc-d2pak-wspc-central-wspc-lead-wspc-cut_hzdj-wspc-l317aa6_sdm.xml LM217
md_)k-wspc-to-wspc-220-wspc-sg_mz)k-wspc--wspc-l317aa6.pdf LM317
md_)k-wspc-to-wspc-220-wspc-sg_mz)k-wspc--wspc-l317aa6.xml LM317