SPC5-UDEDEBG:PLS JTAG debugger software full license or license renewal

SPC5-UDE (Universal Debug Engine) Starter Kit license enables the code unlimited usage of the SPC-UDESTK USB/JTAG adapter overcoming the evaluation license which is full features but code-limited (256 kBytes).

With SPC5-UDE you can debug your applications in a convenient and cost-efficient way.

Two license models are available: perpetual and time limited:

SPC5-UDEDEBG is a perpetual, full-feature, unlimited code-size UDE Starter Kit license

SPC5-UDEDEBG-TL is a time-limited (1 year), full-feature, unlimited code-size UDE Starter Kit license

The licenses can be ordered directly from ST WEB or ST franchised distributors and activated at URL: www.pls-mc.com/spc5-udestk.

The SPC5-UDE debugger is fully compatible with, and accessible via ST's integrated development environment, SPC5Studio, which can be downloaded from ST WEB (free download).

E2E Community is available on ST WEB.

Key Features

  • Supports both SPC5-UDESTK standalone and the equivalent version embedded into Discovery board.
  • Supports SPC5x MCUs
  • Supports Multicore, eTPU and GTM debugging
  • Includes FLASH programming capability
  • Support service provided through STMicroelectronics
Product Specifications
DB2038: SPC5-UDESTK JTAG debugger license for SPC5 MCUs6.079 KB
User Manuals
UM1659: Integrated development environment for 32bit Power Architecture® derivatives2.1536 KB
SPC5Studio IDE and associated debugger/compilers for spc5 mcu’s.1.0374 KB
License Agreement
SLA0056: Software license agreement1.358 KB
Software Development Tools
Part NumberManufacturerDescription
SPC5-UDESTK-SWPLS Development ToolsSPC5-UDESTK Debugging Software for Windows
Product Evaluation Tools
Part NumberManufacturerDescription
SPC56B-DiscoverySTDiscovery Kit for SPC56 B line - with SPC560B54L5 MCU
SPC56D-DiscoverySTDiscovery Kit for SPC56 D line - with SPC56D40L1 MCU
SPC56P-DiscoverySTDiscovery Kit for SPC56 P line - with SPC560P50L5 MCU
SPC57S-DiscoverySTDiscovery Kit for SPC57 S line - with SPC570S50E1 MCU
Sample & Buy
Part NumberSupplierSoftware VersionUnit Price (US$) *
SPC5-UDESTK JTAG debugger license for SPC5 MCUs SPC5-UDEDEBG
Integrated development environment for 32bit Power Architecture® derivatives SPC5-UDEDEBG
Software license agreement SPC58XEC-FLASH