IP1726 26-port 10/100M Smart Switch Controller

Supporting 24-port SS-SMII, 2-port MII and various advanced features, the IP1726 fits both the office switch and the ETTH(Ethernet to the Home) application. The IP1726 embeds internal SSRAM for the use of the packet buffer and the MAC address table. Besides the traditional switch functions, the IP1726 provides the easy-to-design solution, fitting the requirement of most switch application.

The IP1726 also supports some features which can simplify the customer's design from the viewpoint of the system. The embedded regulator controller can reduce the component number on the system board. The web management can be easily accomplished by adding an external CPU with protocol stack. All the I/O pins can operate at 3.3V or 1.8V, providing more design flexibility for power supply distribution.

The IP1726 embeds 1.5Mb internal packet buffer and stores up to 4K MAC address entries, making it suitable for the generic switch application. In addition, the IP1726 supports a wide range of data rate for both egress and ingress, which is useful in the ETTH(Ethernet to the Home) application. The higher layer data packet such as BPDU, IGMP, OSPF can be forwarded to either the 25th or 26th (CPU) port. The flexible trunk configuration allows the user to scale the switch interconnection bandwidth. When the port mirroring function is enabledd, the data traffic on the source port will be forwarded to a specified destination port, making the switch administration easier. Supporting up to 26 port based VLAN groups, the IP1726 can be configured to fit various traffic partitions. The CoS function is accomplished by configuring the priority of the physical port, the 802.1Q VLAN tag and IP DSCP(Differentiated Service Code Point). In order to fit the application of some special environment, the address learning and the MAC address table aging can be disabled