IP178G 8-port 10/100M Ethernet Integrated Switch

IP178G is fabricated with advanced CMOS (85nm/Low Power) technology and only requires a 3.3V single power supply for saving BOM cost. This feature makes IP178G consumes very low power, such as the full load operation (100Mbps_FDX x8) and embedded LDO, overall power consumption only takes 0.87w.                               

IP178G also supports Power Management Tool (PWMT®) for IEEE 802.3az, APS, WOL+ and PWD for Green Power. While two link devices have no IEEE 802.3az capability, IP178G use WOL+ to change link from 100Mbps to 10Mbps for saving power.

The PWD of IP178G is designed for power down switch immediately by pushing a button, user don’t plug out the power adapter. Push the button again, it will power on immediately.

Except Low Power and Rich Power Saving method, IP178G supports AFT® for saving Customer Testing Cost. By using a push bottom and cables, IP178G will Auto test completely by itself

IP178G 技术资料