IP1826A 24-port 10/100M + 2-port Gigabit Switch Controller

The IP 1826A is a non-blocking, store-and-forward architecture switch controller, which supports 24-port SS-SMII, and 2-port RGMII to constitutes a 26-port switch application. The 128-pin PQFP package makes it a very cost-effective solution for a 26-port switch.                               

Note: In the following paragraph, 24-port SS-SMII is referred to as port 0 ~ port 23 (or p0 ~ p23 for abbreviation). Gigabit port 1 and Gigabit port 2 is named as port 24(p24) and port 25(p25) respectively

The IP 1826A embeds a 2.75Mb SSRAM for the use of packet buffer and 4K MAC address table and also provides a 2-wire CPU interface, which allows designers to access to the internal registers of IP 1826A and the external PHY’s. The LED information is provided through a 2-wire LED interface by IP 1826A . With external logic devices, it can provide the status of link, speed, duplex and activity. The IP 1826A supports flow control, broadcast storm filtering, QoS (Quality of Service), port based VLAN, tag based VLAN, bi-direction per-port basis bandwidth control, port trunking, port mirroring and port security.

With the console management function, the designer can configure and monitor IP 1826A switch through hyper-terminal program built in Microsoft Windows without installing extra program

IP1826A 网络芯片图
IP1826A 网络芯片图