IP210T Serial to Ethernet Controller

The IP210T is a cost effective and highly integrated Serial-to-Ethernet SoC. Embedding a 8051 CPU, 64KB OTP ROM, 32K bytes SRAM, 2 channel 8bit ADC, 10/100Mbps Ethernet and UART, the IP210T is targeted for network sensor, serial-to-Ethernet server and door security system.                               

Since all device drivers and protocol stack are embedded inside the SoC, this design provides a neat and cost-effective solution. The 48 pin package allows the designer to build a compact size serial-to-Etherent device. 8-bit A/D converter and GPIO pins meet most of design requirements of industrial equipment control. In addition to TP cable connection, the IP210T also provides the fiber cable connection to meet the requirement of long distance communication

IP210T 产品实物图
IP210T 芯片实物图